KCR, Zelenchuksky district,village Storozhevaya


The main products of the Farm "Zelenchuksky" is incubatory egg and daily young growth of parental ducks of the Peking breed – "Bashkirskayacolour" (khaki, black), cross "blagovarsky", experimental cross Favorite and cultivated in recent years, French cross, Star 53 and Mulard. It should be noted that the Nucleus of JSC "Zelenchuksky" - the only economy of Russia, engaged in breeding of duck Mulard, which is especially appreciated by gourmets for  liver foie Gras.

Cross «Blagovarsky»

Created in the GPP "blagovarsky" Republic of Bashkortostan on the basis of the gene pool lines of ducks cross "Medeo". A distinctive feature of the maternal line is the high fertility of poultry, excellent meat quality carcasses and low feed costs per unit of production. Maternal line B-2 on the exterior and the Constitution is a pronounced beef type. The bird is large, long torso, broad and deep, setting it almost horizontal.

Has a high reproductive qualities (fertility of eggs – 98%; hatchability – 83%; output ducklings 82-4%; egg production per average hen – 240 eggs).

Bashkir colour ducks breed («Khaki» and «Black black»)

A characteristic feature of the Bashkir colored ducks is high productivity, adaptability to the conditions of keeping in peasant and household farms, excellent indicators of meat qualities of the carcass; in comparison with the cross "blagovarsky" a lower fat content in the carcass (1.8 – 3.9 %) and a high yield of muscle tissue (2.9 – 4.1 %).

The average hatchability of eggs in incubators is 78%. Ducklings Bashkir color after 7 weeks reach a weight of 3.3 kg. Live weight: duck-3.5 kg; Drake - up to 4 kg.

Egg production: 200-225 PCs Weight eggs: 80-90 g.

Experimental cross «Favorite»

A large meat duck, beautiful, precocious. The meat is low-fat, which distinguishes it from the Bashkir and Beijing ducks. Well itself proved in household farms.

It is characterized by high viability of young growth and adult birds and high fattening qualities; at fattening to 2 months the duck gains 2,7-3,6 kg of weight.

With further fattening, the Drake has a mass of 4-4. 5 kg, duck 3,5-4 kg. Seasonal egg production of 100-140 eggs, egg weight of 85 g.

Star 53

Ducks another French breed, cross Star 53 farm breeds for several years. The bird is large, has a high live weight and good taste of meat. Its main advantage is less fat content than other meat breeds. Obesity carcass is 15 percent. For comparison, the average Peking duck has this figure of 30 percent. Star 53 duck is a commercial poultry for the production of meat on an industrial scale, as well as suitable for growing small farms and farms. Duck cross Star 53 on the exterior is a pronounced meat type. The bird is large, the trunk is long, wide, voluminous, almost with a vertical landing. At the age of 42-49 days live weight-3,5-8 kg. Slaughter-2,2-2,5 kg.


Recent years, agriculture has been breeding duck Mulard, bred in France. This is an interspecies hybrid, the result of crossing the drakes of musk ducks with Peking ducks. Appears only on the initiative of the person to rectify the deficiencies available to musky and Beijing breed ducks. Suitable for both industrial fattening and breeding at home. By 7-10-week age mulards gain 4.3-4.5 kg of body weight. In the further fattening of 8-9 kg. Mulard is quiet, clean, early, have a greater live weight and good meat quality, lean. The difference in weight between male and female individuals of the Mulard is 0.5 kg. Have a strong health and easily adapt to any environment.  No care in food.

One of the advantages - with a special fattening grows large liver weighing 500-600 g from one individual "foie Gras", which translates from French as fatty liver. Today, the "French" growing up in zelenchukskaia the ground, in our country there is no competition: they are bred only in the Nucleus of JSC "Zelenchuksky".

Not only high professionalism of workers and technical equipment of the enterprise, but also the geographical location allow to turn out qualitative production. Products "Zelenchuksky" is consistently highly appreciated at various fairs and exhibitions, including the most prestigious for farmers of our country exhibition "Golden autumn", each participation in which from year to year is marked by the highest award - a Gold medal.