KCR, Zelenchuksky district,village Storozhevaya

About company

The Farm JSC "Zelenchuksky" is located in the southwestern part of the Zelenchuksky district, Karachay-Cherkess Republic, land which is  adjacent to the river Kafari. The farm is located 5 km from the village Storozhevaya, 8 km from the settlement of Ilyich village, 12 km from the village Zelenchukskaya.

The Farm JSC "Zelenchuksky" was established on the basis of the ZelenchukskyIPS. The territory of the farm is located on an area of 39 hectares in the foothills, in the Beam-Dry, characterized by moderate moisture, in some years there is a  dry summer and flat terrain. Altitudeis  920 m. The Climate is temperate continental with temperature fluctuations during the year and day: in mid-January to February from -10 to -15 and in some years to +30°C. the most stable weather in autumn, the soil is rocky. Water supply is provided by a well up to 30 m deep. There is no arable land for cultivation of agricultural crops.

Technical equipment of the enterprise  ischanging from year to year due to the requirements of the time. New buildings are being built,  production facilities are being reconstructed, among which there are workshops for the production of feed, primary processing of poultry. Equipment and mechanisms are purchased. Today, the company operates incubation machines with a one-time laying of 420 000 eggs. Much attention is paid to the introduction of new technologies. The experience of the world's best manufacturers of the industry is taken into account.

Over the past eight years, the company has grown breeds from France, such as the Beijing duck star-53, Mulard. For more effective work with them, specialists have been trained in  French enterprises and use in practice the technologies which they have found during their studies. For example, artificial insemination of ducks today is no less successful than in France.

In the near future, the company plans to open a training and production plant for the training of specialists for the cultivation of Mulard ducks (daily mulard) and obtaining "foie Gras", as well as work on new international technologies. The Farm JSC "Zelenchuksky" ready to train workers comparable companies, farmers, private entrepreneurs. For getting experience  there will be no need in going to Europe. It will be given to their colleagues by highly qualified specialists.