KCR, Zelenchuksky district,village Storozhevaya

Consideration of genetic factors

The main task of breeding in poultry is the creation of new and improvement of existing breeds of birds, as well as crosses and specialized lines when crossing which receive high-performance hybrids. Modern methods of breeding are based on the achievements of genetics and breeding.

In the consumer market there is a tendency to change the range of poultry products, including increased consumption of duck meat through the use of poultry imported selection. Selection of ducks by traditional methods without involvement of essentially new genetic material cannot provide intensive growth at simultaneous decrease in obesity of a carcass and increase in an exit of lean meat.

The Farm JSC "Zelenchuk" one of the first in Russia, engaged in breeding of duck Maledom, which is particularly prized for red meat and fattening on fatty liver FOIE GRAS. Bred on the farm seven species of ducks Blagovarsky Bela, favorite, Bashkir color: khaki, black black and the Peking duck of French breeding Star cross 53, characterized by a small airemote (15%) with a weight odermat - 3.5 kg. at the age of forty two days.