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Feed production

One of the important factors determining the achievement of high results in the production of farms or livestock farms is the right diet and animal feed. These feedstuffs are a well-selected, balanced homogeneous mixture of nutritional ingredients necessary for the cultivation of healthy, productive livestock. Buy high-quality, various combined feed for different breeds of birds and animals.

Advantages of using combined feed

Modern farmers and state-owned agricultural enterprises have the opportunity to purchase premixes and feed in bulk from the manufacturer, which allows::

  • to reduce the cost of harvesting and storage of forages;
  • properly organize the production process of feeding animals, birds;
  • rational use of feed stock;
  • introduce into the diet vitamins, minerals, supplements necessary for proper development and rapid growth, obtaining a full healthy offspring of different species.

We offer to buy various types of compound feed composition wholesale from the manufacturer the price of which is available even to medium-sized farms. When buying a certain type of nutrient mixture, the manufacturer of animal feed recommends taking into account the age and purpose of their breeding (meat processing, dairy industry, etc.).

Our advantage:

  • German equipment
  • The Dutch program for calculation of recipes
  • Use of probiotics
  • Professional team of specialists in nutrition and veterinary medicine
  • All the food is Halal, does not contain the composition of ingredients of animal origin